Friday, September 10, 2010

UPDATED: Peewee Sort-out Process

Hi Team, a few changes since I first posted this back on August 16.

This note is aimed at providing some general information regarding the upcoming peewee house sort-out process.
  • Peewee house consists of three levels, A, B and C. Peewee A is contact. Peewee B and C are non-contact.
  • There are currently players sufficient for fourteen teams in peewee house. Sort-outs are used to balance the players into the fourteen teams.
  • Each team will have two goalies and either fourteen or fifteen players.
  • This year there will be three A, seven B and four C for a total of fourteen teams.
  • Players will each receive four one-hour sort-out times and will be assessed over the course of two weeks.
  • Players will be assessed on their demonstrated skating abilities (technique as well as speed), general hockey skills (passing, shooting, puck handling), and overall hockey sense (hunger for the puck, attitude, team play, instinct, etc.).
  • Goalies will have a separate "goalies only" assessment.
  • You will receive an email from me indicating your son's first assigned time, which will be a player skills or goalie skills evaluation.
  • Next, teams will be formed and everyone will have one game (second ice time).
  • After the first two times, there will be an initial sorting and the second two assigned times will determine the final sorting into balanced teams.
  • Players assessed as peewee A after the first two times will be further assessed on their willingness to engage in the physical part of the game. This body checking clinic is mandatory for those players who wish to play at the peewee A level.
  • Evaluators will have 226 players to assess. To help us do the best job possible, it is critical that every player attends all four assigned sessions.
  • Sort-outs will be the over the twelve days between Sat Sept 12 and Wed Sept 22, including weeknights scheduled. The complete schedule is here

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