Sunday, October 3, 2010

Update: Sun Oct 4

I am not sure how often I am going to keep these blog updates going. Everyone should be going through their coaches for information now that teams are complete. I figured I would do a short one for the ice schedule.

KMHA gives peewee a spreadsheet with the peewee ice allocation and it is up to me to schedule it. Since ice schedules tend to be a hot topic, one of the things I wanted to do as convenor was the ice schedule.

I kind of feel like an alchemist in the dark ages trying to change base metals into gold. I have scheduled the best I can with the times we were given. Hope it is gold.

I have given the coaches the ice times as well as a spreadsheet that tracks it.

One spreadsheet has the allocated ice times in colour coded blocks that shows that each team gets an equal number of ice time in a block. The second spreadsheet has a summary where I am tracking that every team gets equal allocation and equal times, good and bad. Everyone has seven hours so far.

Each team is allocated two hours per week. I am trying to keep practice partners together for two ice times (weekend). I am also trying to keep the rotation of teams with different on ice partners as we discussed with the coaches. A will need to practice B since they only have three teams. C and B will also practice together from time to time. I have been assigning times so that nobody gets two ice times in the same day and they keep their practice partners. I had to switch a couple of A partners because of their Nepean games.

Given the strategies, there is not a lot of play in the schedule. The next team in the list gets the next time in the allocation.

The peewee A teams have their game schedule with Nepean until October 31.

We will not have confirmation of the peewee B and C game schedule until next week. Two B versus Stittsville games are on Mon Oct 11

The C teams will not get any games until Oct 20 when the LCMHL starts.

As always, if you have any comments about the schedule, let me know.