Monday, August 30, 2010

Peewee Sort-out Ice Times

Here are the Peewee Sort-out ice times we will be working with. They are subject to change since we have not assigned players to the times yet.

I do not yet have a final peewee registration list, once I get this I will send out the ice times for the first one to two ice times. Hopefully before the long weekend.

Sat Sept 11 Jack Charron 7:00 AM
Sat Sept 11 Jack Charron 8:00 AM

Sun Sept 12 Jack Charron 7:00 PM
Sun Sept 12 Jack Charron 8:00 PM
Sun Sept 12 Jack Charron 9:00 PM

Mon Sept 13 Sensplex Citizen 4:15 PM
Mon Sept 13 Sensplex Citizen 5:15 PM
Mon Sept 13 Sensplex Citizen 6:15 PM

Tue Sept 14 KRC-B 5:30 PM
Tue Sept 14 KRC-B 6:30 PM
Tue Sept 14 KRC-B 8:30 PM

Sat Sept 18 KRC-A 7:00 AM
Sat Sept 18 KRC-A 8:00 AM
Sat Sept 18 KRC-A 9:00 AM
Sat Sept 18 KRC-A 10:00 AM
Sat Sept 18 KRC-A 11:00 AM
Sat Sept 18 KRC-A 5:00 PM
Sat Sept 18 KRC-A 6:00 PM

Sun Sept 19 KRC-B 3:30 PM
Sun Sept 19 KRC-B 4:30 PM
Sun Sept 19 KRC-B 5:30 PM
Sun Sept 19 KRC-B 6:30 PM
Sun Sept 19 KRC-B 7:30 PM

Mon Sept 20 KRC-B 5:30 PM
Mon Sept 20 KRC-B 6:30 PM
Mon Sept 20 KRC-B 7:30 PM

Tue Sept 21 KRC-B 5:30 PM
Tue Sept 21 KRC-B 6:30 PM

Friday, August 27, 2010

Peewee First Email: Did you receive one?

I have done my best to send everyone a first email. The contents of the email should look something like below.

There are two important goals of the email:
  • I need to confirm everyone's email address. The addresses should be accurate, as that is what you provided at registration. I am finding there are a number of mistakes.
  • Confirm your position, especially if you are a goalie.
If you have not received an email yet, do contact me. Most of the first emails went out on Aug 17.

Subject: Welcome ANDREW HUNTER to KMHA Peewee 2010-2011

Hi Anthony, Donna and player: ANDREW HUNTER

I would like to welcome everyone to another exciting season of hockey! We are less than a month away from the start of the season and sort-outs.

I am providing information as it is available on my Peewee Convenor Notes blog.

My goals for the Notes site and blog are at Welcome to Peewee.

There also also notes for:

Special attention should be given to my goals page where I am looking for volunteers for the season.

ANDREW HUNTER Verification

This first email is also a confirmation of my information for ANDREW.

He was on KMHA PEEWEE B4 last year as a FORWARD-DEFENSE. This year he has registered as FORWARD.

I can have three email contacts in my list, I currently have:

  • Primary qwe @
  • Donna qwe @

If information or emails need changes, please let me know so we are prepared for my next sort-out email.

If you have any comments, concerns, or anything else, please let me know by any means at any time in the season.

Anthony Hunter
KMHA Peewee Convenor

Monday, August 16, 2010

Peewee Sort-out Process

This note is aimed at providing some general information regarding the upcoming peewee house sort-out process.
  • Peewee house consists of three levels, A, B and C. Peewee A is contact. Peewee B and C are non-contact.
  • There are currently players sufficient for thirteen teams in peewee house. Sort-outs are used to balance the players into the thirteen teams.
  • Players will each receive four one-hour sort-out times and will be assessed over the course of two weeks.
  • Players will be assessed on their demonstrated skating abilities (technique as well as speed), general hockey skills (passing, shooting, puck handling), and overall hockey sense (hunger for the puck, attitude, team play, instinct, etc.).
  • Goalies will have a separate "goalies only" assessment.
  • You will receive an email from me indicating your sons's first two assigned times.
  • After the first two assigned times, there will be an initial sorting and the second two assigned times will determine the final sorting.
  • Players assessed as peewee A after the first two times will be further assessed on their willingness to engage in the physical part of the game. This body checking clinic is mandatory for those players who wish to play at the peewee A level.
  • Evaluators will have over 200 players to assess. To help us do the best job possible, it is critical that every player attends all four assigned sessions.
  • Sort-outs will likely be the over the nine days between Sat Sept 12 and Sun Sept 19, including some weeknights scheduled. I do not have a schedule or ice times yet to be sure though.

Peewee Convenor's Goals for the Season

Here are my goals for the KMHA 2010-2011 season.

My primary goal for the season is to ensure that each and every player has fun, fun and more fun. Making sure the players enjoy their hockey season is the only thing that truly matters. If the players have fun and want to continue playing hockey next year, the season will be a success.

To ensure the players have fun, my next responsibility is to ensure the teams are balanced equally. Every player needs to learn and experience the wins and losses. Nobody has fun loosing every game and winning every game equally deprives players and their teams of valuable hockey lessons.

My third goal is to ensure every team has a set of coaches and volunteers who will promote fun and development both on and off the ice. This obviously depends on the most challenging task of finding the right volunteers and have every parent help to make a successful team and season. Let me know how you can volunteer this season.

As I said in a previous post, my final goal for the season is to be as open as possible as your convenor. This blog is one way to make that happen.

Introduction to Anthony

My name is Anthony Hunter and I am your son's Peewee house convenor for the 2010-2011 KMHA hockey season.

I have three sons in Kanata house league hockey. Dylan is a major atom, Andrew is a major peewee and Brad is a major bantam. This will be my fourth year in KMHA peewee, given Brad has gone through two years and Andrew last year.

I also still play hockey. My wife Donna gets to be a big fan of hockey and four sets of smelly hockey equipment thrown in the basement.

Between hockey and Kanata soccer, I think there are twenty six or so seasons of my son's sports teams. If I am not coaching my son's team, I am always helping out in some capacity. It is way more fun being on the ice or field rather than sitting in the stands. Especially at 6:00 A.M. in a cold arena in February.

Last year I coached Atom Ice Dragons B2 and assist coached with Peewee Falcons B4 and Bantam Hornets C3.

Given KMHA was in need of convenors, I thought I would give the other side a try this year. Even as head coach, I often have no idea how hockey programs are run. This is an opportunity to find out and get a different perspective on things, rather than complaining and listening to the complaining about how things are done.

One thing I have found over the years is that you never stop learning and you never know it all. Every year I coach I have found different ways to do things. There is no such thing as an expert. Even though I play hockey, I have found adult sports is completely different than kids sports (although knowing the "rules" of the game certainly helps).

In my next post I will talk about my goals for the season as your peewee convenor.

Welcome to Peewee

I am sending out my first emails hopefully tomorrow to parents as the peewee house league convenor for Kanata Minor Hockey Association (KMHA).

As a new convenor this season, I am trying to figure out exactly how I want to do things. Keeping a blog is the first thing I wanted to start.

One of my goals for the season is to be as open as possible in my communication. Information I pass on to the coaches should be fully accessible to everyone. There should not be any secrets in house peewee. I know as a parent in hockey I was often scratching my head on how and why things were being done.

The blog is also a big opportunity to document all the things a convenor does. When I became the peewee convenor earlier in the year, I mostly had no idea what the convenor does. Hopefully I can keep a blog going here for future reference.

I plan to post as many questions and answers as I can on the blog and point parents here. If one parent has a question, no doubt many have the exact same question. The blog also allows comments, so there are further opportunities for community and collaboration.

I hope to get your feedback, but hopefully as well I can eliminate the need to print out over 200 hand outs and send multiple emails if information gets out on this blog. There should be no worries about lost emails either, as everything will be here as a reference.

If you have any feedback, comments, concerns, or anything else, please let me know by any means at any time in the season at .