Monday, August 16, 2010

Introduction to Anthony

My name is Anthony Hunter and I am your son's Peewee house convenor for the 2010-2011 KMHA hockey season.

I have three sons in Kanata house league hockey. Dylan is a major atom, Andrew is a major peewee and Brad is a major bantam. This will be my fourth year in KMHA peewee, given Brad has gone through two years and Andrew last year.

I also still play hockey. My wife Donna gets to be a big fan of hockey and four sets of smelly hockey equipment thrown in the basement.

Between hockey and Kanata soccer, I think there are twenty six or so seasons of my son's sports teams. If I am not coaching my son's team, I am always helping out in some capacity. It is way more fun being on the ice or field rather than sitting in the stands. Especially at 6:00 A.M. in a cold arena in February.

Last year I coached Atom Ice Dragons B2 and assist coached with Peewee Falcons B4 and Bantam Hornets C3.

Given KMHA was in need of convenors, I thought I would give the other side a try this year. Even as head coach, I often have no idea how hockey programs are run. This is an opportunity to find out and get a different perspective on things, rather than complaining and listening to the complaining about how things are done.

One thing I have found over the years is that you never stop learning and you never know it all. Every year I coach I have found different ways to do things. There is no such thing as an expert. Even though I play hockey, I have found adult sports is completely different than kids sports (although knowing the "rules" of the game certainly helps).

In my next post I will talk about my goals for the season as your peewee convenor.

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  1. Thanks for making yourself available for the task.Kds would love to benifit from your experience and love for hockey.

    Jawed Iqbal