Monday, September 6, 2010

Update: Mon Sept 6

Hi Team, update for Monday.

Our peewee registration list is set in stone. We will have 226 players for fourteen peewee house teams.

I am down to four players who have not received any of my emails (email bounce) and thirty one who have not confirmed my first two emails.

If you have not received your peewee house email yet, you will need to contact us.

I also am down to sixteen players still in competitive tryouts who will come to peewee house.

I have emailed the first ice time for all players for their player skills sessions, either Sunday or Monday. The email also gives a concrete idea when your second ice will be, either Tuesday or Saturday.

I updated the goalies reminding them of the first ice time on Saturday. Time to be finalized when we get a better goalie list. We still have a number of goalies in competitive tryouts.

I sent a few emails to volunteers over the weekend, I will send some more out tomorrow.


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