Sunday, September 26, 2010

Update: Sun Sep 26

A one day absence from the nightly blog entry. The "boss" told me I needed to get off the computer and relax for one night, so orders are orders, we went out for dinner and no computer Saturday night.

This weekend was the first practices for the new teams. I saw many happy faces at all levels and have had lots of great feedback that everyone is excited to be on their new team.

We were able to sort out the team officials with the C teams as well this weekend. We now have four coaches, one for each C team. We have also balanced out the on ice help so each C team has an equal number of on ice helpers and an excellent support staff. The four C coaches have their team lists and will be contacting everyone in the next day or so.

Now that every team has a coach, I have blasted our fourteen coaches with nine or so emails with work they need to complete or delegate. Team budgets, team officials lists, coaches meeting, equipment pickup, etc.

Soon we will be getting all the teams setup in Team Pages. You recall we had these last year. The teams have been created by the KMHA office, we just need to start filling them in.

All for today.

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