Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mandatory equipment for Peewee

There are those that are new to ice hockey that may not have this information. Atom had a player come to sort outs this morning thinking equipment was provided.

Mandatory equipment for the Peewee Level is as follows:
* CSA Certified Helmet and Full Cage
* Mouth Guard - does not have to be a custom one from the dentist, the 'off the shelf' ones work fine.
* Neck Guard
* Hockey Skates
* Shoulder Pads
* Elbow Pads
* Neck Guard
* Jock
* Hockey Pants
* Shin Pads
* hockey Socks
* Hockey Gloves
* Hockey Stick
* Jersey - one will be provided near the beginning of the season for games but you will have to bring your own for sort-outs and practices

Special attention should be made about the neck guard and mouth guard. Frequently players think they can get away without them. Incorrect, players cannot go on the ice without neck guards and mouth guards. This was explicitly called out in my email.

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