Monday, September 13, 2010

KMHA Peewee call for female sign in desk volunteers

Hi Team,

I am realizing that I have eliminated half of my volunteer workforce looking for males. We need a way for more of our hockey moms to help out.

I adjusted the sign-in desk and it worked very well last night.

The sign in desk for a player is as follows:
1) Player comes to the desk
2) Player signs out his pinnie and sign in desk marks the sheet as pinnie out and player attended.
3) Player does his ice time.
4) Player returns the pinnie to the desk and sign in desk marks the sheet as pinnie returned.

The best part here is that I eliminate the need for male help to manage dressing rooms and collect pinnies. The pinnies get returned by the players.

We figure we need three sign in desk volunteers for this to work. One on the sign in sheets, one on the red pinnies and one on the white pinnies.

Since I only collected two sign in desk volunteers, I am looking for a third on all the days left in the schedule. I am especially looking for help tomorrow.

I have been getting student volunteers to help work the sign in desk as well.


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