Monday, September 20, 2010

Update: Mon Sep 20

Today we had our three final B level sort out games. B level is not really the correct label for the games, we actually had groups 3, 4 and 5 games today. The middle group.

I sorted the players after their three evaluations into a list 1 to 199 (we have 199 players and 27 goalies). I then divided them into seven groups. From this forms the games today.

It is extremely satisfying to see that the three games today were balanced. If the sort-outs were successful, we would have three games of equally balanced players. I received many comments today on how amazingly balanced the three games were. I give credit to my team of coaches who had the difficult task of evaluating the players through their skills sessions and two games.

As expected, I had to field some emails and questions from those families who felt their son should be evaluated to a higher level today. I am not sure how many of these I was expecting, but I feel the feedback I have received was that everything was open and every player treated fairly and equally the best I could.

Each player was evaluated by eight evaluators over three ice times. Every player had an equal opportunity to complete against the same level of player.

When you create a dividing line between levels, it is pre-determined that the line for C is at player number 140 and the line for A is at 45. The reality is that player 141 and 46 could have the equal abilities and scores as the player one above him. Unfortunately the line is a line and this year players at 141 and 46 have to play at the lower level.

I did tell parents that there was one more sort-out game to play and have their son demonstrate he is well above the rest of the group he is assigned with. He would have to demonstrate an extremely high level of play to be considered for the next level however. And this high level of play would be completely inconsistent with the three sessions already done.

In both game 3 and game 5, the evaluators felt there were no players that did not belong, which is exactly what we are looking for.

Four more games to go and then sort-outs will be complete.

Heads up that we will have our teams set by the end of the week and each team has a practice Saturday and Sunday.

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