Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Peewee House Coach Selection Process

Here is my coach selection process.

Coaches are not selected in advance. Players are assigned to their level first, then coaches assigned. Every
player has to earn their spot in a level. A coach is not given a team and then his son moved to that higher level. And a player is not moved to a lower level so that parent can coach.

Once I have the players sorted into levels, I select coaches based on the following:

First, The coach has received positive feedback from last and previous years. Anyone with negative feedback is not a candidate. I have worked with Andy our VP of hockey programs to create this list.

Second, the coach has worked with me over a number of years, either coaching with me or coaching my son and I know from experience he is a fantastic candidate.

Third, the coach was at the peewee level the previous year.

Forth, the coach has worked with me during sort-outs, I have gotten to know the coach a little and he has demonstrated the dedication to coach a team.

Fifth, I am short coaches, so I need to fill a spot with a parent candidate. I have done an interview with the coach and am satisfied that I am leaving the team in excellent hands.

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