Thursday, September 9, 2010

Update: Thu Sep 10

Hi Team,

As promised, I have posted player and goalies skills evaluation plans by the end of the week. Cutting it close to the end of the week, but done. You can have your son review them on the blog and be ready to go for skills sessions Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

We have changed the player skills sessions Sunday and Monday to include goalies. Goalies will not be receiving any evaluations during the player sessions, but have the opportunity for some extra ice. I am going to get four goalies per hour, which means that twenty four of our goalies get an extra hour of ice. Four goalies unfortunately will be miss out on the extra session.

I sent an email out to the goalies, I figured I may as well include the players as well, so everyone gets another email.

I would like to thank the Mom's in advance to be co-operative and understanding regarding the no females in the dressing room policy. This KMHA, ODHA and Hockey Canada policy will be enforced all year at the peewee level and above. If you are not aware of this policy, please speak to me on the weekend.

An additional reminder to new players that mouthguards AND neckguards are mandatory to go on the ice.

I am very close to having a volunteer schedule done for the ice times up to Tuesday. I sent a few more emails to fill up the list. I will be seeing everyone over the weekend so can harass for the second weekend. We have a four day open block until the second weekend, so not too worried about the second weekend right now.

I have no more bouncing emails, yea! I know I still have a bunch of players who have not confirmed my first three emails. I have held out long enough and will make the phone calls tomorrow morning, boo! I have had a few more confirmations coming in, so I am glad I kept putting off the phone calls until the last possible second.

If you are wondering where your peewee house email is, stop wondering and contact me. My contact information is here.

Two more nights until the peewee season starts!

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