Thursday, September 23, 2010

Update: Thu Sep 23

Today was hopefully the last super busy late night for the peewee convenor.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was not quite finished finalizing the B coaches. I was very fortunate to have a coach agree this morning to head coach the last B team. We now have ten outstanding coaches in A and B.

We then followed the team selection process to create A and B teams.

The three A teams had a head start. I emailed the 1 to X list spreadsheet last night close to midnight so the A coaches were doing their thing today to finalize their teams. After too many emails to count, debates over trainers and several phone calls between the coaching team, I had a final spreadsheet that everyone was happy with. I was able to enter the trades into the computer, get the updated team lists and the A coaches were emailed final teams. A teams done at 10:23 PM.

The B teams followed a similar process. Once I had the coaches, I was able to send the B 1 to X list so they could make their trades. Over a few hours we had most of the selections done and I sent an updated spreadsheet before the Atom coaches meeting I attended at the KRC tonight.

When I got back home, there were a few more requests to process. Toss in a goaltender trade controversy and an assistant coach is already selected on the other team discussion. I finalized the list and B coaches were sent their team lists. B teams done at 11:37 PM.

As expected I ran out of time processing the C teams. In an ideal world, we would have been given me a decent ice schedule that finished last weekend so we had a full week to confirm the C team officials.

As I mentioned yesterday, I currently have assistant coaches in C but only two willing to be head coaches and take on a team. Additionally, one of the coaches is traveling on the weekend. Given we only have a limited amount of time, I sent the emails for the C coaches. Each C player has a tenative team and their ice times for the weekend.

I will be running the practices for C on the weekend. It will give me an opportunity to meet all the parents again and ask them to volunteer for some of the team officials, both on and off ice. Then next week we can finalize the teams, hopefully by simply trading one or two players for team staff.

The last C team emails went out at 1:31 AM and blog entry done now.

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