Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Update: Tue Sep 7

Hi Team, Update for Tuesday:

Yes, those first ice times are correct.

We should not be receiving times like this on a regular basis. The 9:00 PM on Sunday night and 4:15 PM on Monday afternoon is unusual. We did not receive similar ice times the last two years in peewee. There was a crush for ice times the first weekend as well as the fact that I sort of refused the three 6:00 AM times I was first given. Hopefully your son's time is better than 6:00 AM. The IP teams had their first ice over the long weekend, so all the levels have a little pain at the start.

I am down to three players who have not received any of my emails (email bounce) and Twenty Five who have not confirmed my first three emails.

If you have not received your peewee house email yet, you will need to contact us.

I also am down to thirteen players still in competitive tryouts who will come to peewee house.

There were a five new players to send emails to, three from competitive and two new registrations. (Not really new, just not processed by me yet).

I sent out an email to those who said they are interested in helping out during sort-outs. It was kind of a rushed job, but emailed in any case.

I have a bunch of emails out already and I know I have some responses to go through again, but it is time to fill in the volunteers schedule.

I am looking for:
Registration - sign in desk.
Dressing Room - get the players in order, help with pinnies, make sure pinnies returned, tie some skates maybe.
Trainer - we need a trainer for each hour, can be one of the on-ice guys if they are certified.
On Ice - keep the skills session going and "referee" the games.
Bench - two per team per game to handle the bench doors, will be the dressing room guys for games.
Evaluator - score the players.

All for today.

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