Thursday, September 16, 2010

Update: Thu Sep 16

Hi Team,

I was in my happy place this morning as I finally was able to send a proper email with the weekend schedule. Everyone has game one and game two. We are in great shape.

Unfortunately, I patched in a Friday body checking clinic into the schedule, that is in less of a good shape. I would say lemon shaped.

I thought I could pull it off given my work schedule early this morning, but the body checking clinic organization is a disaster. Problem one is that I invited way to many players. We are figuring out what to do here. There are other problems with the way I handled the body checking clinic and you are a House A candidate.

I thought I clearly said that you could be a House A candidate if you attended the body checking clinic.

I never said you were in House A and all you have to do is attend the clinic.

I proposed a alternate plan and will email tomorrow morning concerning the body checking clinic.

On the side, I sent a bunch of emails out confirming my help for the weekend. I still have a few spots for sign-in desk help.

That is about it for today.

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