Friday, September 24, 2010

Update: Fri Sep 24

I forgot to post on the blog before my 10:00 hockey game tonight. So here is a quick one after the game (5-0 win).

Most of the time spent today was fielding phone calls and emails from those parents who continue to insist that my team of evaluators have done a poor job and sorted their son to the wrong level. I am doing my best to convince everyone that we have done the best we could and that every player had the same opportunity to demonstrate his skills for the evaluators.

I have a bunch more peewee C helpers so the peewee C program looks to be in fantastic shape. I will be meeting some more parents tomorrow afternoon at the C practices.

That is about all for today, as I said, quick post.

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  1. I suggest that the player evaluation should be a continuous process.I some player shows outstanding performance or improvement during the season he should be given a opportunity to play next level.

    The problem happens when someone stuck in same level where he started. we all are human being and selection team may also make mistakes but we all should be given a chance to correct our mistakes.