Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Update: Wed Sep 8

Hi Team,

Todays update.

I am down to one player who has not received any of my emails (email bounce), but still Twenty Three who have not confirmed my first three emails. I had zero time to call any players today but the goalies are ok, I received contact from the last one. Although one is still in competitive tryouts.

If you are wondering where your peewee house email is, stop wondering and contact me. My contact information is here.

I have a volunteer schedule being filled and it is not completely filled yet, but getting there. As expected 7:00 AM Saturday is a tough spot to fill. I will be sending more harassing emails tomorrow.

I have emailed the first ice time for all goalies for their goalie skills session.

I plan to post the player and goalie skills plans tomorrow if everything goes well. Both are in their final review.

Out for today.

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