Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Update: Wed Sep 22

Today was the last day of ice for the peewee sort-outs. We had the final two A/B games with body checking to finalize the last spots in A.

There seems to be a little more pressure when it comes to the final A team selections. So we went a little extra to make sure that conditions were perfect for the players to perform at their highest. We replaced the 5-on-5 continuous play with a real game. We booked a three man set of referees. We got score keepers and ran the clock just like a real game. We put players in set positions for periods.

I also had five A coaches evaluate the players for the final game. I usually had three evaluators. These extra eyes confirmed each others evaluations so we were sure we had the right players in the limited number of spots remaining in peewee A.

Now that the sessions are complete, we can start forming teams according to the process we are following. All the evaluation scores have been entered into the computer, so we have our 1 to X list. I have team lists for A, B and C teams. All that remains is for coaches to provide their team staff selections and we can form the final team lists.

I am well along with the three A coaches. We have already sent out the team lists to the coaches and they are selecting their team staff. With luck A will be done very early tomorrow.

I have also started with some of the B and C coaches. I am stalled a little on the B and C side though.

First problem is that we should have ended sort outs on the weekend so we had an entire week to form teams. Since we finished today, we get two days.

Second problem is that given sort-outs just ended today, I had not really finalized all of the coaches yet. Remember our coach selection process, players earn their spot, then we assign coaches.

I am pretty sure we have a coaching staff for all of the B teams. I will be making a few more calls and emails tomorrow. Hopefully I can also be done with B tomorrow night.

So A is good and B is almost there, that leaves C.

C is in a little more of a tough spot. I have two coaches, but one is traveling on the weekend. And given I only have a limited amount of time before I need to send families their ice times for the weekend, I am doing something different for C.

I will be running the practices for C on the weekend. It will give me an opportunity to meet with some of the parents and finalize the team officials. Then next week we can finalize the teams, hopefully by simply trading one or two players for team staff.

Once the teams are set there is no changing them, so we want to take our time and make sure they are done right.

So bottom line, aim to be reading an email email Friday morning with your Saturday and Sunday ice times (or better still, receiving a call from your coach Thursday night).

All for now...

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