Monday, September 13, 2010

Update: Mon Sep 13

Today was the second players skills session. I was able to get on the ice today and it sure was cool to see the players in action. I was the backup evaluator at 4:15 so I had to evaluate a few of the drills. As much as I thought it would be easy to evaluate players using my five point system, try doing it up close when the players are racing past you at 100 miles an hour.

The four evaluators provided the consistent numbers I was expecting and we are in good shape to sort the players into teams for games.

I wanted to email everyone their next game time. We have three games tomorrow, but there are players and goalies waiting for their Saturday time. I told the players today that I would email them their Saturday morning game times tonight.

Unfortunately I ran out of time tonight. With emails, two more phone calls, and a few other things I ran out of time. Last night I sent the emails out for tomorrows game. I finally got around to pressing go at 1:44 AM and discovered I made a mistake.

Tonight I have a 12:00 midnight cutoff and we have hit it.

What I will do tomorrow night after the three games is tabulate some results and then I can send the schedule for Saturday and Sunday.

A reminder that everyone has two game times in the three day span of Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. If you are not playing tomorrow, then you have a game Saturday and a game Sunday.

See you tomorrow.

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