Saturday, September 4, 2010

Email hell: why did I not get my peewee email?

I have had a couple flurries from parents saying "you did not send me" and "I did not get". As I say in How do we send peewee emails , I am fully confident my emails are being sent properly.

I have come to realize there are a number of problems we have worked though.
  • Some email addresses in the KMHA spreadsheet do not work. Out of 210 records, 20 had bouncing email addresses. I am down to four players with no email address who I have no contact with me yet.
  • Some email addresses had typos in them. Spaces and commas I fixed. Others had typos that parents got me to fix.
  • There are a old, inaccurate emails. I have not figured out why yet and more investigation is required, but many players families have requested changes to their email addresses that KMHA provided me. I can understand a fraction of these emails since emails would have changed since on-line registration in June.
  • In total so far, 86 players families have had corrections to email addresses (50% of the 171 who I have definite confirmations for).
  • A handful of players only have the players email address, not the parents. So parents never received the email, only their son.
  • The second email was received by everyone fine. A bunch of parents reported the first email was flagged as SPAM and they never saw it. The biggest offender appears to be Rogers, but there is no pattern. I have no idea why Rogers would think my email to player X is fine but email to player Y is spam.
I feel a lot better now since I asked for a confirmation to my second email.

Before the second email:

We have 293 players with 70 marked as a competitive players, for a total of 223 peewee players. We have 86 players with email addresses confirmed, so 38.57% are confirmed.
Generated: Friday September 3 2010 07:56:06.520 PM

Currently, I am at:

We have 293 players with 69 marked as a competitive players, for a total of 224 peewee players. We have 171 players with email addresses confirmed, so 76.34% are confirmed.
Generated: Saturday September 4 2010 12:06:21.248 PM

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