Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Update: Tue Sep 14

Hi All,

Tonight three sevenths of the players had their game one. For some of the new players, this was their first game action of their hockey careers. Great time was had by all.

I have sent everyone in peewee house an email regarding their game one. Every player has a game one time. Every player has a working email address. And there was much rejoicing.

There is one confirmed email wonkiness, the text on the game time in bold is white and you cannot read it. If you experience any wonkiness with my emails, feedback would be helpful, as you are going to be getting emails like this all year long from me.

As I said on the peewee sort-out process:
  • You will receive an email from me indicating your son's first assigned time, which will be a player skills or goalie skills evaluation. (DONE)
  • Next, teams will be formed and everyone will have one game (second ice time). (DONE)
  • After the first two times, there will be an initial sorting and the second two assigned times will determine the final sorting into balanced teams.
I have the first set of scores for the games today, so I will be able to complete some calculations and send game two out as the next task for tomorrow.

I have volunteers but never enough so keep those emails coming if you can help. I am going through the "I want to help" emails tomorrow as well.

I have been getting Dad's to help out on the benches during the evaluation games. There is no coaching, you open the door, let five players in or five players out and they do their thing.

If you have considered assistant coaching (or coaching), now is a good opportunity to stand on the bench and get the real hockey experience. Sitting in the stands is too far away from the action.


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