Friday, September 9, 2011

Update: September 9

Lots of emails tonight means I blew my post before midnight streak.

We are half way through the first week of sort outs and I now have a complete player list. Competitive tryouts completed tonight. We have 14 full teams of players, 15 players per team. We also have 21 goalies for a total of 231 boys in house peewee this year. We had 225 last year (and we also have a waiting list), so registration is up for peewee.

Tonight was the first three hours of player skills. I got to help Cam by drill demonstration in the passing station. This was pairs passing around the circle. Even after demonstrating the same drill for three hours, I was not satisfied I would have received a perfect five mark. This station was pretty challenging.

Tomorrow is the next three hours of player skills.

We finish with the question of the day. I know I have answered this somewhere, but by popular demand comes:

Question: How many A teams are we going to have?

Answer: We have fourteen teams and are going with four Peewee A, six Peewee B and four Peewee C.

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