Friday, September 23, 2011

Update: September 23

After a small break we are back at it tonight.

This weekend we have games with the final Peewee A, Peewee B and Peewee C players. Tonight we started with the four Peewee C teams playing in two games.

It was great two see two evenly matched games. If this were other years, we would have stopped at two weeks and we would have seen final teams today. This year we are going with one more week to make sure we get the balance right.

Since I am a C coach I am now allowed to evaluations to find the top and bottom two or three on each team to help with balancing. It was interesting that one of the other coaches and myself had the exact same top and bottom for the four teams with the exception of one bottom.

Tomorrow we have a full seven games at Jack Charron.

Question of the day: When do we know what team we are on and who our coach is?

Answer: I have a coaches meeting scheduled for Tuesday night at 7:00PM so I plan to have the lists to the coaches before that. So likely Wednesday and maybe before that.

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