Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Update: September 27

I got lazy and did not do the daily update for a bit.

Sunday we finished Peewee sort outs with five games, three Peewee B games and two Peewee A games.

Sunday night and Monday we worked on finalizing the coaching staff for each team. We decided on the last head coaches on Monday night and finalized the last team staff not until tonight. Each team has a great head coach and two great assistant coaches.

Once I had a complete coach list, I was able to send some team information emails that I had been "saving up" on Monday. 

Monday night was also spent finalizing the scores from the weekend and creating the draft player lists. I created the initial player lists using a program following Peewee House League Balanced Team Selection.

Tonight we tweaked the lists to balance the team staff as we said above.

Tonight was the coaches meeting, 7:00PM in the KMHA Boardroom at the KRC. We were able to squeeze the meeting in one hour exactly. The Novice guys apparently went over two hours last night for their meeting.

We then were able to get the peewee coaches complete their equipment pickup at 8:00 PM.

Then off to Darcy McGee's for a quick post coaches meeting with the coaches beverage.

I was able to complete the spreadsheets for the Peewee C teams tonight. The C coaches have been emailed their player lists and parent contacts.

Peewee A and Peewee B team spreadsheets are also done. One final check by the coaches and they can have their lists tomorrow morning.

I have yet to give the ice times out for Saturday and Sunday afternoons, will do that tomorrow too.

Question of the day: Who are the Peewee head coaches?


A1 Cameron Creech
A2 Max Caron
A3 Mike Murray
A4 Terry Belland

B1 Ian Ives
B2 Jeff Moffatt
B3 Patrick Dennehy
B4 Sean McCabe
B5 Steve Robak
B6 Terry Lavineway

C1 Anthony Hunter
C2 Cliff Groen
C3 Don Macdonald
C4 Mike Dixon

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