Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Update: September 13

This was the busiest day today with seeming endless emails and the more important week two schedule emails.

Before I talk about week two, lets finish with week one and the "Can I see my son's evaluation scores?".

Going back to September 11 and the "We had two out of 210 players score a perfect 25 points.", there was actually a hidden reason to revealing confidential scores and I probably should have came out and told you where I was going with that to start with.

I am pretty positive that some of the parents watching the passing drill thought it was a pretty screwed up drill. I would agree that the lower ranked players found it way too difficult to be successful. I had comments as such.

The point however of the "perfect 25 points" crack was to point out that we do have some strong peewee A players who can successfully do the drill with confidence. This is a good observation that peewee A players were able to do this passing drill.

Now on to week two and the week two emails.

For those who followed me last year, you remember I introduced a "no sending group emails after midnight" rule. Last year I tried sending an email at 1:30AM, made a big mistake and ended up having to send another bunch of emails the next morning. I figured there was not enough time after yesterday's ice times to send emails before midnight, so I scheduled for Tuesday.

I successfully pressed start on the email job at 11:53PM tonight and it successfully finished three minutes and seventeen seconds later. So I still met the deadline of emails sent on Tuesday, but just barely I suppose.

There were several things that made this email difficult and caused the delay.

First off the full registration of players is a bit of a pain as I need to make sure that each of the two teams in each of the fourteen games has 15 players. I have a report, but the report was only for game one so I had to go back and fix the report for games two and three and then fix the teams. It would be so nice if the players sorted into 14 even groups in the spreadsheet.

Even worse is our situation of having too many strong goalies. I needed to make sure that each of the goalies gets an equal opportunity in the games with the stronger players over the weekend. There was no other way to do this than by hand, assigning one goalie at a time to each team in each game.

The next item to worry about was communicating to the parents the only thing we have really accomplished after week one, that being the upper group and the lower group.

Last year the biggest mistake I made was when I told players they were "Peewee A candidates". This email was manipulated into an assertion that I had somehow told players that they were in Peewee A after only two ice times. I am positive I have been careful this time, but to reiterate, no player has earned their spot in any level yet. All we have decided is that some players can tryout for A and some can not.

Then there was finally the additional check that the emails said the right things about the body checking clinics. That took time as well.

Tomorrow I will go through everyone's replies, finalize the checking clinics and email the volunteers for the weekend.

We finish off with the question of the day:

Question: Does this mean there are A , B and C games this weekend? I suppose I will be able to tell that my son is in a particular level?

Answer: There are 90 players in the "could be peewee A" group. This is three games worth of players. 60 will become peewee A and 30 will become peewee B.

This leaves four games worth of "not peewee A". I have done my best to mix up the players as best I could. I still tried to keep the new players away from the stronger players, but for the most part the games are mixed.

Week three's games will be the final A , B and C games so players will know what level your they have been evaluated to.

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