Monday, September 12, 2011

Update: September 12

Today we were back to three hours to end week one of peewee sort outs.

We started with the final game one and yet another game with perfect attendance. We finished the player skills with only four players missing and finished game one with only four players missed. That is a 98% attendance, pretty great.

Next we had two hours of goalie skills evaluations. It is somewhat ironic that the atom guys also had their goalie skills evaluations tonight at the KRC. Atom on the arena side while peewee was on the rink side. It was also funny that three of my peewee sort out helpers were also helping with the atom sort outs tonight.

Even funnier was when convenor Mark and myself had a moment where we both were arguing over the same evaluator who we thought was doing "our" evaluations. We finally came to an agreement where each of us had five evaluators.

If that was not enough, atom and peewee had a battle of the sign in table and whose system was better.

In the end, peewee rules with the nice red and white pinnies while atom is the big looser with their ugly green thingys.

Around Wednesday last week I was a little worried about how the goalie evaluation planning was coming along. I had planned to outsource the evaluations like I did last year. I am not a goalie guy, even though my son is a goalie. I would rather have an expert take this task on. It was only on Friday where the team came together and I am very grateful that the one of the peewee AA goalie coaches volunteered to lead the evaluations for us.

I am very happy with the solid evaluation scores we received. Evaluating goalies in games is nice, but nothing compares to having individual scores for fifteen different goalie skills. 

All I need to do next is enter the scores, sort and send the next two game emails tomorrow.

We finish with the question of the day, I received this from a bunch of parents.

Question: Can I see my son's evaluation scores?

Answer: Negative on that one, you do not get to see your scores, they are confidential.

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