Sunday, September 18, 2011

Update: September 18

Today was the final seven games in week two. It makes for a very long day, 5:25AM wake up call for the first 7:00AM game with the last game not over until after 6:30PM.

Today was a little less organized as I would have hoped, but with my team of helpers I managed to pull off the goal of having a full set of evaluations for the players. I did not have to do any evaluations this year. I did the plans but my awesome team of evaluators did the scoring.

This means I have a huge list now of evaluation scores for each player. Five different evaluators for the skills sessions, and as many as nine different evaluators for each player for the games.

The quote of the day I had from one of the atom evaluators I was speaking with was that "the numbers do not lie". I collect all these numbers and put them in the spreadsheet. Trends are clear. I have more than enough information to assign players to teams.

I finished off the day today on ice with the B/C games, with a lot of players who will be placed at Peewee C. I have a soft spot for the new players who just want to play hockey, giving their best effort and going to the extreme of blocking shots in a game that we are not even keeping score. These players are here to have fun and have no disillusionment of making the NHL next week. This gives good prespective to what we are all here for, fun and the simple enjoyment of the sport with your teammates.

This leads us to the question of the day:

Question: OK, so when do I find out what team I am on?

Answer: I will need a day or so to total up the evaluations and review the evaluations with KMHA hockey problems. The plan is to send your son's level and next week's ice times by the end of Tuesday. A reminder that the schedule is already on the KMHA web site.

The plan for next week is two games so that we can do final team balancing. For example, your son may be placed in the Peewee B level on a Peewee B team. The B team will play two games against other B teams.

After the two games in week three, we will do final balancing of the teams and assign your son to a team.

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