Sunday, September 11, 2011

Update: September 11

Today was an early 5:00AM wakeup call for two early games. Two fantastic contests.

That left an entire day to do other stuff. Last year when doing the convenor thing I recall I had no time to watch any of the NFL opening weekend, not even highlights. That was the first time in a foreverdom for myself. Today I got to watch lots of football, finishing with a late night of Romo blowing it again. Ha Ha to any Dallas fans out there.

I finished entering all the evaluation scores I have into the computer. All the player skills marks are in. Recall the player skills were five stations at five points each. We had two out of 210 players score a perfect 25 points. We also had two score 24 and eight with 23 points.

The player skills were evaluated by the same five teams at each station over the two days. This has resulted in very accurate player skills evaluations and every player had the same evaluators. We have also been able to get six game evaluators for every game, including the 6:15AM game this morning. Six game evaluators is 50% more than we used last year. We are very fortunate to have an outstanding number of coaches and helpers pitching in for our sort outs.

We finish week one tomorrow with the goalie skills and one final game one for thirty players.

Question of the day: Do I have to play in the peewee A body contact division if I don't want to.

Answer: No, just let me know. When I send the email Tuesday I will ask those highly ranked if they do not want to play body contact. I will then sort them to the lower level. Your son may also change his mind early in the season. I expect that I have way more players who want to play peewee A than I have spots.

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