Sunday, September 4, 2011

Update: September 4

We are now three days from the start of peewee sort outs. Now is a good time as any to start posting the daily (nightly) Peewee Convenor Note, just like I did last year.

We have a full registration of fourteen teams of players, that is fifteen skaters per team. We do have a player waiting list, not sure how long. We are short a few goalies, we currently have twenty one in peewee house, which is enough for at least one per team.

I was at all emails working (not bouncing) and only one player who had not confirmed my first two emails. This number has increased a little with tryout releases, but I think I am in better shape than last year here.

Every peewee player has now been emailed their game one time and skills evaluation time. The final sort out schedule has been posted on the new KMHA web site.

Players who are in competitive major B and minor B tryouts have not been emailed yet. As players are released I will send them their scheduled times, these players have been allocated sort out spots Saturday and Sunday.

If you have not received your peewee house email yet and are not in competitive tryouts, you will need to contact me.

The Sort Out Game Continuous Play Rules have been posted for Wednesday's game. These are the same guidelines we followed last year.

I only have a few final details to finish before Wednesday:

I need to email to thank the Mom's in advance to be co-operative and understanding regarding the no females in the dressing room policy. This KMHA, ODHA and Hockey Canada policy will be enforced all year at the peewee level and above, starting day one. Likely there are some atom parents aware of this policy, so an email is in order.

I also need to email about the sign in desk procedures. The sign in desk for a player is as follows:
1) Player comes to the desk.
2) Player signs out his pinnie and sign in desk marks the sheet as pinnie out.
3) Player does his ice time.
4) Player returns his pinnie and sign in desk marks the sheet as pinnie as in.
I need to remind players that they are responsible for the return of their pinnie. Bulk team returns of pinnies by one of the dads, while seemingly helpful, caused the loss of several pinnies last year. Since I do not want to track down pinnies, they come back to the desk one at a time by the player.

I need to send a final email to all the volunteers to remind them about their positions this week.

I also need to add a note about the daily updates on the blog, just like I did last year.

One thing I am also doing this year is posting a question of the day. One thing I discovered last year is the number of wild and wacky questions that come up from parents. Each night I am going to post a question and answer for the day. I have a list, but if you have any questions, let me know.

Here is a good example for today's question of the day:

Question: I am confused what team I am on, why am I on two different teams?

Answer: This was really not a great start. I sent emails saying that your son has:
His first game is:
Team8 Wednesday Sepember 7 8:00PM Sensplex Scotia Game One
He will have his player skills evaluation:
Team5 Friday Septmber 9 8:00PM John Mlacak Player Skills Evaluation

Team8 for the game Wednesday makes sense, you are assigned a team for the game and one team in a dressing room.

Team5 for the skills actually makes no sense, there is no team for the skills evaluation sessions. There are thirty five skaters on the ice for each player skills session. You are really in group Skills5. I went back in my second batch of emails and called it Skills5. Skills5 will be in one of the dressing rooms since I divided the group into two that hour (Skills5 and Skills6).

I would not even worry about teams, the important thing is the time and location. The sign in desk will direct you to the right dressing room and assign you the correct pinnie.


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