Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Update: September 7

Today we started sort-outs with four games and a fantastic turnout. We had 131 out of 132 players and goalies out tonight. It is really going to help when I have accurate marks for four ice times for everyone.

For the most part, the planning went very well. Huge mistake of the night was when we realized that I emailed one of the referees an email with 7:00PM in the body and 5:00PM in the subject. He thought 7:00PM and I was thinking 5:00PM. By miracle though, his son was on the ice at 5:00PM, so he was at the rink to ref the game. Big thanks goes out Paddy for coming through in the "surprise you ref in ten minutes".

Huge problem number two was when three of my pinnies left the building. Not good. Guess I am printing signs for Friday for each exit. Return pinnies to the sign in table before you leave the rink. I need them for the next ice time.

Otherwise things went very well and I would call it a success.

Question of the day:

Question: Can you tell me when week two's schedule will be announced?

Answer: There are goalie skills evaluations and a game one on Monday September 12. That means I will need Tuesday night to total the evaluation scores and send out the emails. So unless you are a night owl you will read an email on Wednesday morning that your son has a game on Friday night.

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