Thursday, September 15, 2011

Update: September 15

Today was two body checking clinics. I had many comments that players had fun and there certainly was a lot of laughter and carrying on out there.

It is unfortunate that some of these players are only going to be able to play in one body checking game. There are only four teams worth of peewee A spots, everyone cannot be in peewee A.

There was some gratification afterwards when I saw a couple of players that I coached in 2008 at the atom C level that were in the Bantam body checking clinics. They are pretty fantastic hockey players, coming from being new to hockey several seasons ago.

Tomorrow we have two games, I like these small blocks.

Today's question of the day I had in my list. I had a question from a parent before the season and I was not really sure the answer, so I looked it up tonight.

Question: How much is new goalie equipment?

Answer: My youngest Dylan is a peewee goalie. I have been getting bits and pieces here and there with some used stuff too. So I really do not know how much it would cost new.

Suppose someone swiped Dylan's stuff and I had to rush to Pro Hockey Life and get completely new equipment for the game Saturday. I was able to price everything online. Some of the equipment online was on sale too. I priced out more or less the equipment Dylan is wearing.

Goalie Pads$214.99
Goalie Trapper (Glove)$109.99
Goalie Blocker$109.99
Goalie Chest Protector$199.99
Goalie Pants$109.99
Goalie Mask$299.99
Goalie Throat Protector$44.99
Goalie Skates$179.99
Goalie Stick$54.99
Goalie Bag with wheels$119.99
Goalie Neck Guard$49.99
Goalie Jock$49.99
Goalie long johns tops + bottoms$49.99
With 13% HST$1,721.98

Wow on the answer to that one and a big ouch.

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