Monday, August 29, 2011

Peewee Sort Out Ice Times

Below are the ice times for the first three weeks for Peewee.

Week One is a scrimmage game and a skills session. I will post this year's format for the game and skills session in advance of your ice times.

Note the separate player skills and goalie skills sessions. Goalies know their skills session will occur on Monday Sept 12

I will assign the first ice times by Wednesday after I get a few more player registrations cleared up, a few more player details done (16 players with unconfirmed email addresses) and a few more competitive tryouts complete. My list still has 46 players to come down from competitive tryouts.

Sort Outs Week One - Wed Sep 7 - Mon Sep 12
1Wed Sep 75:00PMSensplex ScotiaGame One
2Wed Sep 76:00PMSensplex ScotiaGame One
3Wed Sep 77:00PMSensplex ScotiaGame One
4Wed Sep 78:00PMSensplex ScotiaGame One
5Fri Sep 96:00PMJohn MlacakPlayer Skills
6Fri Sep 97:00PMJohn MlacakPlayer Skills
7Fri Sep 98:00PMJohn MlacakPlayer Skills
8Sat Sep 1010:00AMKRC ArenaGame One
9Sat Sep 1011:00AMKRC ArenaGame One (after comp tryouts)
10Sat Sep 1012:00PMKRC ArenaGame One (after comp tryouts)
11Sun Sep 116:15AMSensplex MattamyPlayer Skills
12Sun Sep 117:15AMSensplex MattamyPlayer Skills (after comp tryouts)
13Mon Sep 125:30PMKRC RinkPlayer Skills (after comp tryouts)
14Mon Sep 126:30PMKRC RinkGoalie Skills (after comp tryouts)
15Mon Sep 127:30PMKRC RinkGoalie Skills (after comp tryouts)
Sort Outs Week Two - Fri Sep 16 - Sun Sep 18
16Fri Sep 166:00PMSensplex MattamyGame Two
17Fri Sep 167:00PMSensplex MattamyGame Two
18Sat Sep 172:30PMKRC RinkGame Two
19Sat Sep 173:30PMKRC RinkGame Two
20Sat Sep 174:30PMKRC RinkGame Two
21Sat Sep 175:30PMKRC RinkGame Two
22Sat Sep 176:30PMKRC RinkGame Two
23Sun Sep 187:00AMKRC ArenaGame Three
24Sun Sep 188:00AMKRC ArenaGame Three
25Sun Sep 189:00AMKRC ArenaGame Three
26Sun Sep 1810:00AMKRC ArenaGame Three
27Sun Sep 183:30PMKRC RinkGame Three
28Sun Sep 184:30PMKRC RinkGame Three
29Sun Sep 185:30PMKRC RinkGame Three
Week Three - Fri Sep 23 - Sun Sep 25
30Fri Sep 235:30PMKRC RinkGame C
31Fri Sep 236:30PMKRC RinkGame C
32Sat Sep 242:00PMJack CharronGame B
33Sat Sep 243:00PMJack CharronGame B
34Sat Sep 244:00PMJack CharronGame B
35Sat Sep 245:00PMJack CharronGame A
36Sat Sep 246:00PMJack CharronGame A
37Sat Sep 247:00PMJack CharronGame C
38Sat Sep 248:00PMJack CharronGame C
39Sun Sep 253:30PMKRC RinkGame B
40Sun Sep 254:30PMKRC RinkGame B
41Sun Sep 255:30PMKRC RinkGame B
42Sun Sep 256:30PMKRC RinkGame A
43Sun Sep 257:30PMKRC RinkGame A

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