Saturday, August 27, 2011

Peewee First Email: Did you receive one?

I have done my best to send everyone a first email. The contents of the email should look something like below.

There are two important goals of the email:
  • I need to confirm everyone's email address. The addresses should be accurate, as that is what you provided at registration. I am finding there are a number of mistakes.
  • Confirm your position, especially if you are a goalie.
If you have not received an email yet, do contact me. Most of the first emails went out on Aug 21.

Note that I did not send an email to anyone registered in the Peewee Competitive Tryouts.

Subject: Welcome DYLAN HUNTER to KMHA Peewee 2011-2012

Hi parents and player: DYLAN HUNTER

I would like to welcome everyone to another exciting season of hockey! We are less than a month away from the start of the season and sort-outs.

I am providing information as it is available on my Peewee Convenor Notes blog.

There are notes for:

Special attention should be given where I am looking for volunteers for the sort-outs and season.

DYLAN HUNTER Verification

This first email is also a confirmation of my information for DYLAN.

He was on KMHA ATOM A1 last year as a GOALTENDER. This year he has registered as GOALTENDER.

I can have three email contacts in my list, I currently have:

  • Email qwe @
  • Donna qwe @

Please confirm this email and the email addresses above so we are prepared for my next sort-out email.

If you have any comments, concerns, or anything else, please let me know by any means at any time in the season.

Anthony Hunter
KMHA Peewee Convenor

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