Saturday, March 12, 2011

Peewee A Final Regular Season Standings

The regular season for Peewee A has completed.

Congratulations to Kanata Blazers A1 as peewee A final regular season champions. Final standings are:

1Kanata A12015233373340.682
2Kanata A32012532768460.596
4Kanata A2208842047470.500

Game Results

Game NumberDateTimeArenaHomeHome ScoreAway ScoreAway
0Fri Nov 265:00PMKRC ArenaKanata A172Kanata A2
0Sat Nov 2711:00AMKRC ArenaKanata A234Kanata A3
0Sat Dec 117:30PMKRC RinkKanata A143Kanata A3
0Sun Dec 196:00PMKRC ArenaKanata A202Kanata A1
0Sat Jan 83:30PMKRC RinkKanata A324Kanata A1
0Sat Jan 225:00PMJohn MlacakKanata A201Kanata A3
0Sun Jan 234:30PMKRC RinkKanata A122Kanata A2
0Sat Jan 293:00PMJack CharronKanata A233Kanata A3
0Sun Feb 612:00PMKRC ArenaKanata A233Kanata A1
0Sun Feb 133:00PMKRC ArenaKanata A123Kanata A3
0Sat Mar 55:00PMJack CharronKanata A304Kanata A1
0Sun Mar 64:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata A321Kanata A2
1Sun Oct 36:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanE21NepeanC
2Sun Oct 37:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanA23NepeanD
3Sun Oct 38:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanF22NepeanB
4Sat Oct 97:15PMSensplex MattamyKanata A130NepeanE
5Sat Oct 96:30PMSensplex ScotiaKanata A211NepeanF
6Sun Oct 106:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanC23NepeanF
7Sun Oct 107:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanA31NepeanE
8Sun Oct 108:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanB22NepeanD
9Mon Oct 113:00PMBell ArenaNepeanC11NepeanB
10Mon Oct 117:00PMBell ArenaNepeanD26Kanata A2
11Mon Oct 118:00PMBell ArenaNepeanA13Kanata A3
12Sat Oct 167:00PMBell ArenaNepeanC24Kanata A3
13Sun Oct 179:00AMMerivale ArenaNepeanE42NepeanB
14Sun Oct 1710:00AMMerivale ArenaNepeanF22NepeanD
15Sun Oct 1711:00AMMerivale ArenaNepeanC22Kanata A1
16Sun Oct 1710:00AMSensplex DirectKanata A346NepeanA
17Sun Oct 2410:00AMWalter Baker ANepeanD32NepeanC
18Sun Oct 2411:00AMWalter Baker ANepeanF03NepeanE
19Sun Oct 249:00AMWalter Baker ANepeanB25Kanata A2
20Sat Oct 309:00AMSensplex DirectKanata A360NepeanF
21Sat Oct 307:00PMSensplex DirectKanata A131NepeanA
22Sun Oct 3112:00PMWalter Baker ANepeanB25Kanata A1
23Sun Oct 311:00PMWalter Baker ANepeanD13NepeanA
24Sun Oct 313:00PMSensplex DirectKanata A205NepeanE
25Sun Nov 76:30AMWalter Baker BNepeanD25NepeanB
26Sun Nov 77:30AMWalter Baker BNepeanF11NepeanC
27Sun Nov 78:30AMWalter Baker BNepeanE34NepeanA
28Sun Nov 146:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanB12NepeanC
29Sun Nov 147:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanE51NepeanF
30Sun Nov 1412:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata A204NepeanA
31Sun Nov 141:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata A332NepeanD
32Sun Nov 216:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanD23NepeanF
33Sun Nov 217:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanA44NepeanC
34Sun Nov 2112:00PMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanB20NepeanE
35Sun Nov 286:00AMBell ArenaNepeanA12NepeanB
36Sun Nov 287:00AMBell ArenaNepeanC22NepeanD
37Sun Nov 281:00PMWalter Baker ANepeanE13Kanata A2
38Sun Nov 282:00PMWalter Baker ANepeanF27Kanata A1
39Sun Dec 511:00AMMerivale ArenaNepeanE15Kanata A3
40Sat Dec 412:00PMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanF17Kanata A3
41Sun Dec 512:00PMMerivale ArenaNepeanA02Kanata A1
42Sat Dec 48:00PMSensplex DirectKanata A142NepeanB
43Sat Dec 115:30PMKRC RinkKanata A221NepeanC
44Sun Dec 56:00PMKRC ArenaKanata A143NepeanD
45Sun Dec 125:15PMSensplex MattamyKanata A241NepeanD
46Sun Dec 126:15PMSensplex MattamyKanata A324NepeanB
47Sat Dec 187:00PMKRC RinkKanata A371NepeanE
48Sun Dec 196:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanA33NepeanE
49Sun Dec 197:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanB31NepeanD
50Sun Dec 198:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanC20NepeanF
51Mon Dec 277:00PMBell ArenaNepeanC03Kanata A2
52Mon Dec 278:00PMBell ArenaNepeanD33Kanata A3
53Mon Dec 278:00PMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanA31NepeanF
54Fri Mar 46:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata A143NepeanB
55Sun Jan 910:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanC11NepeanA
56Sun Jan 911:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanE17Kanata A1
57Sun Jan 912:00PMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanF34Kanata A2
58Sat Jan 226:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanB25NepeanA
59Sat Jan 227:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanF07NepeanE
60Sat Jan 228:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanD10NepeanC
61Sat Jan 299:00AMBell ArenaNepeanD33NepeanA
62Sat Jan 2910:00AMBell ArenaNepeanB32NepeanF
63Sat Jan 2911:00AMBell ArenaNepeanC01NepeanE
64Sun Feb 610:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanD31NepeanE
65Sun Feb 611:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanC02NepeanA
66Sun Feb 612:00PMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanF42NepeanB
67Sat Feb 1212:00PMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanB24Kanata A3
68Sat Feb 128:00PMJack CharronKanata A230NepeanC
69Sun Feb 136:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanE13NepeanD
70Sun Feb 137:00AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanF12NepeanA
71Sat Feb 198:30AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanB00NepeanE
72Mon Feb 287:30PMKRC RinkKanata A223NepeanA
73Sat Feb 1910:30AMNepean Sportsplex 1NepeanD13Kanata A1
74Sat Feb 267:00AMMerivale ArenaNepeanA21NepeanF
75Sat Feb 268:00AMMerivale ArenaNepeanC21NepeanB
76Sat Feb 269:00AMMerivale ArenaNepeanE20NepeanD
77Mon Feb 217:00PMKRC ArenaKanata A322NepeanC
78Mon Feb 216:00PMKRC ArenaKanata A112NepeanF

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