Saturday, March 12, 2011

Peewee B Final Regular Season Standings

The regular season for Peewee B has completed.

As we said last week, congratulations to Kanata Avalanche B2 as peewee B final regular season champions. Final standings are:

1Kanata Avalanche B224193240101480.678
2Stittsville Blaze B42417253985410.675
3Stittsville Spitfires B32411583068440.607
4Kanata Heat B42412932777550.583
5Kanata Spitfires B624101042480660.548
6Kanata Spartans B524101042468650.511
7Stittsville Black Ops B12481062254720.429
8Kanata Nighthawks B32481152158830.411
9Stittsville Stampede B22461261853780.405
10Kanata Black Ice B12451811134760.309
11Kanata Bombers B7242184839890.305

We need to use one tiebreaker to finalize the spots for the playoffs.

There is a tie for fifth place between Kanata Spartans B5 and Kanata Spitfires B6. First tiebreaker is the head to head results between two teams. Kanata Spitfires B6 take fifth place with a 2 wins, 1 tie and 1 loss record over Kanata Spartans B5.

Game NumberDateTimeArenaHomeHome ScoreAway ScoreAway
2Thu Oct 146:30PMKRC RinkKanata Spartans B525Kanata Spitfires B6
74Tue Jan 46:30PMKRC RinkKanata Spartans B521Kanata Spitfires B6
107Sat Feb 127:30PMKRC RinkKanata Spartans B555Kanata Spitfires B6
111Wed Feb 166:30PMKRC RinkKanata Spitfires B632Kanata Spartans B5

The final game results

Game NumberDateTimeArenaHomeHome ScoreAway ScoreAway
1Thu Oct 147:30PMKRC RinkKanata Black Ice B136Kanata Avalanche B2
2Thu Oct 146:30PMKRC RinkKanata Spartans B525Kanata Spitfires B6
3Sat Oct 164:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Spitfires B331Kanata Heat B4
4Sat Oct 165:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Blaze B470Kanata Nighthawks B3
5Sun Oct 1710:00AMStittsvilleCCStittsville Black Ops B135Kanata Spartans B5
6Sun Oct 179:00AMStittsvilleCCStittsville Stampede B220Kanata Bombers B7
7Tue Oct 196:00PMKRC ArenaKanata Spitfires B603Kanata Avalanche B2
8Sat Oct 236:00PMKRC ArenaKanata Nighthawks B324Kanata Avalanche B2
9Sat Oct 234:00PMGoulbournRCStittsville Black Ops B110Kanata Bombers B7
10Sat Oct 235:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Stampede B224Kanata Spartans B5
11Sat Oct 236:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Spitfires B341Kanata Black Ice B1
12Sun Oct 2411:00AMStittsvilleCCStittsville Blaze B432Kanata Heat B4
13Tue Oct 266:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Nighthawks B334Stittsville Stampede B2
14Thu Oct 286:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Avalanche B291Kanata Spitfires B6
15Sat Oct 307:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Black Ice B114Kanata Bombers B7
16Mon Nov 16:00PMBeckwithStittsville Black Ops B133Stittsville Stampede B2
17Mon Nov 17:00PMBeckwithStittsville Spitfires B322Stittsville Blaze B4
18Thu Nov 46:30PMKRC RinkKanata Spitfires B623Kanata Nighthawks B3
19Fri Nov 56:15PMSensplex CitizenKanata Avalanche B231Kanata Heat B4
20Sat Nov 63:30PMKRC RinkKanata Bombers B705Kanata Heat B4
21Sat Nov 68:00AMGoulbournRCStittsville Black Ops B102Kanata Black Ice B1
22Sat Nov 66:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Blaze B473Stittsville Stampede B2
23Sun Nov 71:00PMRichmondStittsville Spitfires B342Kanata Nighthawks B3
24Sun Nov 76:30PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Blaze B410Stittsville Black Ops B1
25Tue Nov 96:30PMKRC RinkKanata Heat B432Kanata Bombers B7
26Tue Dec 146:30PMKRC RinkKanata Spartans B524Kanata Avalanche B2
27Sat Nov 138:15PMSensplex MattamyKanata Bombers B734Kanata Spitfires B6
28Sat Nov 1311:00AMStittsvilleCCStittsville Black Ops B135Kanata Avalanche B2
29Sat Nov 131:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Blaze B471Kanata Black Ice B1
30Sun Nov 1411:15AMSensplex MattamyKanata Heat B412Stittsville Blaze B4
31Sun Nov 1410:15AMSensplex MattamyKanata Spitfires B623Stittsville Black Ops B1
32Mon Nov 156:30PMKRC RinkKanata Avalanche B223Stittsville Black Ops B1
33Tue Nov 166:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Bombers B705Stittsville Stampede B2
34Thu Nov 186:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Spartans B553Stittsville Spitfires B3
35Fri Nov 196:30PMKRC RinkKanata Heat B403Kanata Spartans B5
36Sat Nov 205:30PMKRC RinkKanata Nighthawks B321Kanata Black Ice B1
37Sun Nov 213:00PMRichmondStittsville Black Ops B126Stittsville Blaze B4
38Mon Nov 226:30PMKRC RinkKanata Heat B433Stittsville Stampede B2
39Tue Nov 236:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Bombers B713Kanata Avalanche B2
40Thu Nov 256:30PMKRC RinkKanata Black Ice B141Stittsville Black Ops B1
41Thu Nov 256:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Spitfires B674Stittsville Blaze B4
42Sat Nov 276:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Blaze B411Kanata Bombers B7
43Sun Nov 286:00PMGoulbournRCStittsville Black Ops B122Kanata Nighthawks B3
44Sun Nov 286:30PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Stampede B260Kanata Black Ice B1
45Mon Nov 297:00PMJack CharronKanata Spartans B515Stittsville Spitfires B3
46Tue Nov 306:30PMKRC RinkKanata Heat B432Kanata Spitfires B6
47Thu Dec 26:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Nighthawks B303Stittsville Spitfires B3
48Fri Dec 36:00PMKRC ArenaKanata Spartans B522Kanata Bombers B7
49Sat Dec 45:00PMJack CharronKanata Black Ice B140Stittsville Stampede B2
50Sun Dec 57:00PMKRC ArenaKanata Bombers B712Stittsville Black Ops B1
51Mon Dec 66:30PMKRC RinkKanata Black Ice B103Stittsville Blaze B4
52Tue Dec 76:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Spartans B503Kanata Heat B4
53Thu Dec 96:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Spitfires B642Kanata Bombers B7
54Sat Dec 115:00PMJack CharronKanata Heat B401Stittsville Spitfires B3
55Sun Dec 125:00PMJack CharronKanata Nighthawks B322Kanata Spitfires B6
56Sun Jan 309:00AMBeckwithRCStittsville Black Ops B114Kanata Black Ice B1
57Sun Dec 123:00PMRichmondStittsville Stampede B244Kanata Avalanche B2
58Sun Dec 122:30PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Spitfires B322Kanata Spartans B5
59Mon Dec 137:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Blaze B414Kanata Nighthawks B3
60Fri Nov 126:30PMKRC RinkKanata Avalanche B252Kanata Black Ice B1
61Fri Dec 177:00PMKRC ArenaKanata Spitfires B651Kanata Bombers B7
62Sat Dec 185:30PMKRC RinkKanata Nighthawks B318Kanata Heat B4
63Sat Dec 184:30PMKRC RinkKanata Spartans B530Kanata Black Ice B1
64Sat Dec 183:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Spitfires B334Kanata Avalanche B2
65Sat Dec 185:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Blaze B433Kanata Spitfires B6
66Sun Dec 196:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Heat B435Kanata Avalanche B2
67Sun Dec 195:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Spartans B523Stittsville Stampede B2
68Mon Dec 207:15PMSensplex MattamyKanata Avalanche B232Stittsville Spitfires B3
69Tue Dec 216:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Nighthawks B320Stittsville Stampede B2
70Wed Dec 226:15PMSensplex MattamyKanata Spartans B523Stittsville Blaze B4
71Wed Dec 227:15PMSensplex MattamyKanata Spitfires B661Stittsville Black Ops B1
72Sun Jan 25:00PMJack CharronKanata Heat B431Kanata Black Ice B1
73Sun Jan 26:00PMJack CharronStittsville Stampede B233Kanata Nighthawks B3
74Tue Jan 46:30PMKRC RinkKanata Spartans B521Kanata Spitfires B6
75Sat Jan 86:00PMJack CharronKanata Bombers B725Kanata Avalanche B2
76Sun Jan 93:00PMRichmondStittsville Black Ops B142Kanata Heat B4
77Sun Jan 96:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Spitfires B322Kanata Spartans B5
78Mon Jan 107:00PMBeckwithStittsville Spitfires B333Kanata Spitfires B6
79Sat Jan 155:30PMKRC RinkKanata Avalanche B232Kanata Spartans B5
80Sat Jan 155:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Stampede B216Kanata Heat B4
81Sat Jan 158:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Spitfires B352Kanata Bombers B7
82Sun Jan 164:00PMKRC ArenaKanata Black Ice B112Kanata Spitfires B6
83Sun Jan 165:00PMKRC ArenaKanata Heat B434Stittsville Black Ops B1
84Sun Jan 163:30PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Spitfires B361Stittsville Stampede B2
85Sun Jan 166:00PMGoulbournRCStittsville Blaze B420Kanata Bombers B7
86Thu Jan 207:15PMSensplex MattamyKanata Avalanche B281Kanata Nighthawks B3
87Thu Jan 206:15PMSensplex MattamyKanata Spitfires B602Kanata Black Ice B1
88Sat Jan 225:30PMKRC RinkKanata Heat B431Kanata Spartans B5
89Sat Jan 224:30PMKRC RinkKanata Bombers B753Kanata Nighthawks B3
90Sun Jan 236:30PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Stampede B201Stittsville Spitfires B3
91Tue Jan 256:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Avalanche B250Kanata Nighthawks B3
92Wed Jan 266:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Black Ice B112Kanata Spartans B5
93Thu Jan 276:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Heat B444Stittsville Blaze B4
94Sat Jan 292:00PMGoulbournRCStittsville Black Ops B143Kanata Spitfires B6
95Sat Jan 295:00PMStittsvilleCCKanata Bombers B724Kanata Nighthawks B3
96Mon Jan 317:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Stampede B226Kanata Heat B4
97Tue Feb 16:00PMSensplex CitizenKanata Nighthawks B306Stittsville Blaze B4
98Thu Feb 36:30PMKRC RinkKanata Spartans B531Kanata Black Ice B1
99Thu Feb 36:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Spitfires B322Stittsville Black Ops B1
100Sat Feb 54:00PMGoulbournRCStittsville Stampede B208Kanata Spitfires B6
101Sat Feb 55:00PMGoulbournRCStittsville Blaze B430Kanata Avalanche B2
102Sun Feb 67:00PMKRC ArenaKanata Black Ice B104Stittsville Spitfires B3
103Sun Feb 66:00PMJack CharronKanata Bombers B727Kanata Spartans B5
104Tue Feb 86:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Bombers B733Stittsville Black Ops B1
105Wed Feb 96:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Avalanche B232Stittsville Stampede B2
106Thu Feb 106:30PMKRC RinkKanata Nighthawks B344Kanata Heat B4
107Sat Feb 127:30PMKRC RinkKanata Spartans B555Kanata Spitfires B6
108Sat Feb 121:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Black Ops B122Stittsville Stampede B2
109Sat Feb 124:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Blaze B442Stittsville Spitfires B3
110Tue Feb 156:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Black Ice B113Kanata Nighthawks B3
111Wed Feb 166:30PMKRC RinkKanata Spitfires B632Kanata Spartans B5
112Thu Feb 176:30PMKRC RinkKanata Avalanche B214Stittsville Spitfires B3
113Thu Feb 176:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Bombers B725Stittsville Blaze B4
114Mon Feb 217:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Stampede B222Stittsville Spitfires B3
115Tue Feb 226:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Spartans B575Kanata Nighthawks B3
116Thu Feb 246:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Avalanche B281Kanata Bombers B7
117Thu Feb 246:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Blaze B441Stittsville Black Ops B1
118Sat Feb 266:30PMKRC RinkKanata Black Ice B116Kanata Avalanche B2
119Sat Feb 265:30PMKRC RinkKanata Nighthawks B382Kanata Bombers B7
120Sat Feb 267:30PMKRC RinkKanata Spitfires B634Kanata Heat B4
121Mon Feb 287:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Stampede B240Stittsville Black Ops B1
122Thu Mar 36:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Spitfires B312Stittsville Blaze B4
123Sat Mar 57:15PMSensplex MattamyKanata Spitfires B634Kanata Heat B4
124Sat Mar 56:15PMSensplex MattamyKanata Bombers B711Kanata Black Ice B1
125Sun Mar 66:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Avalanche B222Stittsville Blaze B4
126Sun Mar 65:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Nighthawks B342Kanata Spartans B5
127Mon Mar 76:15PMSensplex CitizenKanata Black Ice B125Stittsville Black Ops B1
128Tue Mar 86:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Nighthawks B300Stittsville Spitfires B3
129Wed Mar 96:15PMSensplex MattamyKanata Spitfires B660Stittsville Stampede B2
130Thu Mar 106:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Black Ice B105Kanata Heat B4
131Thu Mar 107:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Stampede B213Stittsville Blaze B4
132Fri Mar 116:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Black Ops B144Stittsville Spitfires B3

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