Sunday, April 10, 2011

Final Round Robin Peewee B Playoff Standings

The round robin has some to a conclusion and it was a very tight race. Spitfires rule. Congratulations to both the Kanata and Stittsville Spitfires as round robin winners. The final two places were decided by a tie breaker. There was no head to head for a three way tie and all three are tied with wins. So the third tiebreaker rule is the best ratio of Goals For /(Goals For + Goals Against), in round-robin games. The Black Ops and Avalanche lock up the last two spots by this tiebreaker. Avalanche by one goal for over the Blaze.

Semi final One on Tuesday has Stittsville Spitfires against Kanata Avalanche. Semi final Two on Wednesday has Kanata Spitfires against Stittsville Black Ops.

 TeamGPWinsLossesTiesPointsGFGAGF GA %
1Stittsville Spitfires B3440081640.800
2Kanata Spitfires B6440081440.778
3Stittsville Black Ops B1431061020.833
4Kanata Avalanche B2431061440.778
5Stittsville Blaze B4431061340.765
6Kanata Spartans B5422049120.429
7Kanata Black Ice B1413025120.294
8Stittsville Stampede B2413021120.077
9Kanata Nighthawks B3403115130.278
10Kanata Bombers B7403115140.263
11Kanata Heat B4404002130.133

Game Results

GameDateTimeArenaHomeHome ScoreAway ScoreAway
1Mon Mar 216:00PMKRC ArenaKanata Avalanche B251Kanata Bombers B7
2Thu Mar 316:00PMBeckwithRCStittsville Black Ops B130Stittsville Stampede B2
3Mon Mar 217:00PMKRC ArenaKanata Spitfires B652Kanata Nighthawks B3
4Tue Mar 225:30PMKRC RinkKanata Spartans B525Stittsville Blaze B4
5Thu Mar 246:00PMSensplex DirectKanata Black Ice B132Kanata Heat B4
6Thu Mar 246:00PMStittsvilleCCStittsville Spitfires B350Stittsville Stampede B2
7Mon Mar 286:30PMKRC RinkKanata Nighthawks B313Stittsville Spitfires B3
8Mon Mar 287:30PMKRC RinkKanata Bombers B723Kanata Spartans B5
9Tue Mar 296:30PMKRC RinkKanata Heat B405Stittsville Black Ops B1
10Thu Mar 316:30PMKRC RinkKanata Black Ice B115Kanata Spitfires B6
11Fri Apr 16:00PMSensPlex DirectStittsville Black Ops B121Stittsville Blaze B4
12Sat Apr 29:30AMKRC RinkStittsville Blaze B440Kanata Bombers B7
13Sat Apr 24:00PMSensplex DirectStittsville Spitfires B330Kanata Heat B4
14Sun Apr 39:30AMKRC RinkStittsville Stampede B204Kanata Avalanche B2
15Sun Apr 31:00PMGoulbourneRCStittsville Stampede B210Kanata Black Ice B1
16Sun Apr 33:00PMGoulbourneRCStittsville Blaze B430Kanata Nighthawks B3
17Sun Apr 34:30PMKRC RinkKanata Spartans B510Stittsville Black Ops B1
18Thu Apr 75:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Spitfires B621Kanata Avalanche B2
19Sat Apr 94:30PMKRC RinkKanata Spartans B535Stittsville Spitfires B3
20Sat Apr 95:00PMKRC ArenaKanata Bombers B722Kanata Nighthawks B3
21Sun Apr 105:00PMJack CharronKanata Heat B402Kanata Spitfires B6
22Sun Apr 106:00PMJack CharronKanata Avalanche B241Kanata Black Ice B1
23Tue Apr 126:00PMSensplex ScotiaStittsville Spitfires B300Kanata Avalanche B2
24Wed Apr 137:00PMSensplex ScotiaKanata Spitfires B600Stittsville Black Ops B1
25Thu Apr 146:00PMSensplex Scotiawinner game 2300winner game 24

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